Eyelid Corrective Surgery

Eyelid Corrective Surgery (“Blepharoplasty”)

“Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!”

Rick (alias Humphrey Bogart) used this household phrase in Casablanca to toast to his ill-fated love for Ilsa (alias Ingrid Bergmann).
Bags under one’s eyes and hooded or droopy eyelids can have a diminishing effect on the radiant open-eye look of younger years and may also impact one’s sense of well-being. But individuals opt for eyelid corrections not solely for aesthetic purposes. A so-called “heavy eye” can also significantly reduce one’s ability to see or restrict one’s field of vision. Corrections can be performed for both the upper and lower eyelids. To firm the eyelid, excess skin and fatty tissue is removed. Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty (“Eyelift”)

By means of an incision within the natural fold of the eyelid, excess tissue (skin and fat) is removed. To achieve a satisfying result, it may also be necessary to correct the muscle tissue and to transfer fatty tissue. Lower Lid Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag Removal)

Via an incision at the lash line, the excess fat that causes puffiness is removed. An additional incision at the outer edge of the lid may be necessary in the case of eye bags that are very prominent. Depending on the scope of the procedure, it can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Post-operative care encompasses regular monitoring of the wound healing process. Resuming visually-informed work as well as the wearing of contact lenses is generally possible after a few days.

General risks of surgery

– temporary effects of surgery may include swelling, bruising, pain and loss of sensation.
– side effects of local or general anesthesia.
– very rarely, thrombosis, embolism, wound healing disorders (especially among smokers and overweight individuals ).

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